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ECHA | Current testing Proposals for hazard endpoints | Deadline for submitting information 29 August 2022

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Here you can find the substances and hazard endpoints for which ECHA is currently inviting third parties to submit scientifically valid information and studies.

2,4,4-trimethylpentene246-690-925167-70-829/08/2022Reproductive toxicity (extended one-generation reproductive toxicity study)Give Comments
2-Oxetanone, 3-C12-16-alkyl-4-C13-17-alkylidene derivs., (4E)-939-401-91469983-41-229/08/2022Long-term toxicity to fish ||Note: testing proposed with 2-Oxetanone, 3-C14-16-alkyl 4-C15-17-alkylidene derivs (EC no. 308-760-8)Give Comments
3-{[3-(C10-16-oxy)propyl]amino}propan-1-aminium acetate941-152-6-29/08/2022Sub-chronic toxicity (90-day): oral||Note: testing proposed with 1,3-propanediamine, N-[3-((C11-14, C13-rich)oxy)propyl]-branched acetate (EC: 931-295-2)Give Comments
Geraniol203-377-1106-24-129/08/2022Reproductive toxicity (pre-natal developmental toxicity)Give Comments
N-{3-[C12-14-(even numbered)-alkyloxy]propyl}propane-1,3-diamine701-437-6-29/08/2022Sub-chronic toxicity (90-day): oral|| Note: testing proposed with [1,3-propanediamine, N-[3-((C11-14, C13-rich)oxy)propyl]-branched acetate (EC no 931-295-2)Give Comments

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