Breakfast with a dose of chemicals: RoundUp found in favorite breakfast cereals -

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Earlier this month, a school grounds-keeper, Dewayne Johnson, made the national news when he filed a lawsuit against Monsanto after Johnson named the company's weedkiller, Roundup, as the cause for his cancer. Johnson was one of hundreds of patients that were suing Monsanto, according to CNN, with the claims that the company's products had given them cancer. Despite the lawsuits, and Johnson's own winning suit, Monsanto stands by their claims that their weedkiller does not cause cancer.

After the news of the lawsuit was spread by multiple news sources, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) commissioned independent laboratory tests of many popular breakfast cereals, and found traces of glyphosate, a herbicide linked to cancer by the World Health Organization, and the active ingredient in Roundup, in all but two of the 45 conventional cereal products.



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