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UK REACH | Public Consultation Begins for Chromium Trioxide Alternatives in Aerospace and Defense Industries

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Boeing Distribution (UK) Inc, Henkel Ltd, MacDermid Performance Solutions UK Ltd, and Wesco Aircraft EMEA Ltd have applied for the use of Chromium Trioxide in electroplating processes for the aerospace and defense industries. The substance is used to create a wear-resistant metal coating on a substrate and provides key functions such as wear resistance, hardness, corrosion resistance, and effect on surface morphology. The applicants have identified a shortlist of potentially suitable alternatives but require a review period of 12 years due to design challenges, performance requirements, safety requirements, and regulatory controls that must be tested for each listed alternative. The "applied for use" involves the continued use of chromium trioxide at approximately 25 sites across Great Britain. A public consultation has been initiated to consider the alternatives to Chromium Trioxide in the aerospace and defense industries.



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