US EPA Proposes Registration of Safer Alternative to Control House Mice

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EPA invites public comment on its proposal to register Alphachloralose, a new rodenticide used to control mice inside homes and buildings. Alphachloralose  is the first new rodenticide active ingredient in over 20 years and is less toxic to humans than many rodenticide alternatives.

This rodenticide provides a new tool that can control mice quickly. It acts by lowering body temperature in mice. Mice then experience hypothermia, enter a chemical-induced sleep and die within as little as a few hours.

Alphachloralose is an alternative to other rodenticides such as anticoagulants or neurotoxins, which are designed to kill mice by suppressing clotting factors and attacking the central nervous system. Alphachloralose is formulated as a paste. The paste is enclosed in a sachet, which is then placed in a tamper-resistant bait station. For these reasons, EPA expects exposure to Alphachloralose to be negligible.



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