European Commission | [email protected] nano-composites investigated through orthogonal multi-techniques characterization platform

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ABSTRACT - Biocompatible coating based on bovine serum albumin (BSA) was applied on two different TiO2 nanoparticle surfaces (P25 and E171) as “Safe by Design” (SbD) strategy with the aim to control potential hazard of nanoparticles. The first step towards validating the proposed SbD approach is a detailed characterization of surface chemistry, closely connected to quantification of coating on nanoparticles’ surfaces. At this purpose, we proposed an orthogonal multi-techniques characterization approach providing important information on colloidal behavior, particle size distribution, BSA-coating structure of investigated TiO2 systems. Specifically, the proposed orthogonal approach enabled the quantitative determination of bound and free (not adsorbed) BSA, a key aspect for the comprehension of mechanisms that drive nano-bio interactions. In addition, the BSA-coating strategy developed and the orthogonal characterisation performed can be extended to different designed nanomaterials promoting the implementation of BSA engineered coating as a SbD strategy as approach to harmonize the surface reactivity and minimize the biological impact.



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