'Vital' UK remains part of EU clinical trials, say MPs | Euractive

Continued participation in EU-wide clinical trials and the Horizon 2020 research programme is ‘vital’ to the UK’s life sciences sector, according to a new cross-party report by UK MPs.

The report published by the House of Commons Health committee on Wednesday (21 March) also urges EU and UK negotiators to agree to align regulation on medicines and health care.

“In order to minimise harm to their citizens, both the UK and the EU-27 should look to secure the closest possible regulatory alignment in the next round of the Brexit negotiations,” said the Chair of the Committee, Dr Sarah Wollaston MP. “Failure to do so would signal a triumph of ideology over the best interests of patients,” she added.

On Friday morning, EU leaders are expected to sign off on a 21 month transition period starting after the UK formally leaves the EU next March, a move that is expected to start the process of talks on future relations.

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