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  • January 26, 2023
  • WTO

Israel's Ministry of Health Proposes New Regulations for Production and Marketing of Cosmetics

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The Ministry of Health in Israel has proposed new regulations for the production, marketing, and import of cosmetics in order to protect public health. The proposed regulations include instructions for testing perfumes, use of raw materials, and safety assessments.

The regulations propose various instructions and requirements for manufacturers, importers, and marketers of perfumes, including defining terms such as "batch" and "serious side effect," specifying details and documents required for registration in the registry of perfumers, and outlining requirements for production, storage, and distribution operations.

The proposed regulation also establishes additional conditions for the appointment of a responsible representative, and stipulates that a professional safety assessment be conducted by a holder of a license to practice medicine, a licensed pharmacist or a holder of a recognized academic degree in chemistry, toxicology or life sciences.

The proposed regulations also propose establishing a presumption of normality for results of tests on microbial load, yeasts and molds, and absence of pathogenic bacteria in perfumery, and suggest additional data to be included in notices on the marketing of drugs containing nano components.

Multiple annexes regulates the use of specific ingredients such as: banned ingredients, restricted ingredients in cosmetics, colour additives, preservatives and UV filters permitted in cosmetics.

Companies producing and trading cosmetics in Israel will need to ensure they comply with these regulations in order to legally produce, import, and market their products in the country.

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