European Commission | A Roadmap for a SUstainable integrated Retrofit of Concrete buildings

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The Joint Research Centre is contributing to the formulation, implementation and promotion of European policies on strengthening the internal market for buildings and building products. This includes the development and adoption of innovative materials, construction technologies and design methods for safe, resilient and resource-efficient buildings across their lifecycle. This activity is developed within the Project SAFE&CLEAN-CONSTRUCT (Safe and Cleaner Technologies for Construction and Buildings). In particular, the Workpackage SAFESUST (Impact of Sustainability and Energy Efficiency Requirements on Building Design and Retrofit) is aiming at developing a holistic design method, for assessing the global performance of buildings in terms of safety, energy efficiency and environmental impact. This method, named Sustainable Structural Design (SSD) method, or simply SAFESUST method, considers both environmental and structural parameters in a life cycle perspective, and the results are expressed in purely economic terms, so that it can be potentially used by all categories of stakeholders.



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