European Parliament | Coming up in 2020

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Transcript - Following Parliament's declaration of a Climate Emergency, MEPs will vote on a series of measures to help tackle the crisis. This will include a European Green Deal to create jobs and sustainable growth and steps to reduce CO2 emissions from aviation and shipping. All of this with the aim of reaching net carbon-neutrality by 2050. Parliament will vote on proposals to ensure that Europe remains a leader in the digital world. Upcoming legislation will protect people from discrimination by algorithms, update laws on e-commerce, look at how to use big data for innovation and promote artificial intelligence while ensuring it is properly regulated. Parliament will continue to fight for its priorities in the EU's 2021-2027 budget. MEPs want more funds for the environment, the single market and innovation, and increased spending on external borders and migration. In the event of protracted negotiations, Parliament wants to ensure EU-supported projects and Erasmus+ exchange programmes receive funding to begin on time in 2021. The European Banking Union was born in the wake of the Eurozone crisis. 



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