Green slag valorisation is now an industrial success story

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On April 1-5, 2019, the Sixth International Slag Valorisation Symposium took place in Mechelen, Belgium. This Symposium aims at contributing towards near zero-waste processing and closing material loops in the metallurgical sector through creating applications for slags, which are produced as residues of high temperature metallurgical processes. SVS VI welcomed more than 200 persons from university, research organisations and industry. This edition brought particularly good news as different pioneering projects have commercialised a new generation of “cleaned” slags. Green slag valorisation has been transformed from an academic concept into an industrial success story. In this article we review a number of these success stories and discuss the merits of legislation and green public procurement in view of stimulating the use of secondary (slag) resources (LM/PTJ, Leuven, 10/4/2019)



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