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EU Seeks Public Input on Update of Chemicals Regulation Test Methods | Feedback period 12 December 2023 - 09 January 2024

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The European Union has opened a feedback period for proposed updates to its regulations on chemicals testing methods. The initiative aims to enhance the existing framework for assessing the potential hazards of chemicals to humans, animals, and the environment. The feedback period for this draft act is set to run from 12th December 2023 to 9th January 2024, providing stakeholders and the public an opportunity to express their opinions.

About the Initiative - EU legislation on chemicals currently mandates checks on substances that may pose risks. The regulations include an approved list of methods for testing these chemicals. The proposed initiative seeks to expand this list by incorporating new and updated testing methods. The anticipated benefits include a reduction in the number of animals needed for testing, aligning with contemporary ethical standards, and refining specific tests to yield more reliable and precise results concerning chemical hazards.

Potential Impact The inclusion of advanced testing methods could mark a significant step forward in chemical safety assessment, aligning the EU with evolving scientific and ethical standards. By potentially reducing reliance on animal testing and enhancing precision, the updated methods aim to strengthen the accuracy of identifying chemical hazards, fostering a safer environment for both humans and ecosystems.


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