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Oeko Test | Questionable substances discovered: Pantene Pro V mousse fails the test

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Cosmetic brand, Pantene Pro-V, has failed a test of its Perfect Waves Nourishing Mousse, scoring an "inadequate" grade. The product was tested for harmful substances by ECO-TEST and was found to contain questionable fragrance (Galaxolide), PEG compounds, and synthetic polymers.

Galaxolide is suspected of impairing the hormone system and is difficult to degrade, while PEG compounds can make skin more permeable to foreign substances. Synthetic polymers, found in 20 other tested products, can enter the environment after washing hair, with unknown consequences. The product's poor overall rating was based on these ingredients, with Galaxolide and PEG compounds reducing the sub-result ingredients grade and the synthetic polymers lowering the sub-result for other deficiencies.

SOURCE (Automatically translated from German)


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