US EPA | Updated Data on TSCA CBI Reviews Now Available

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Today, EPA published a periodic update of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) confidential business information (CBI) review statistics. This data summarizes the number of CBI cases under review and results of completed reviews through December 28, 2020. In addition, a spreadsheet is available showing the details of completed TSCA CBI determinations through December 28, 2020. 

Making this information publicly available continues to demonstrate the agency’s commitment to transparency while fulfilling its responsibilities under TSCA. EPA has established numerous new processes, systems, and procedures to enable submitters to provide the information required when making confidentiality claims and to facilitate EPA's review, and where applicable, determinations on these claims. The statistics updated today show EPA's progress toward meeting these requirements. 

View the statistics and access the updated data


In 2019, EPA began releasing information and statistics on completed TSCA CBI determinations and reviews.  

Under TSCA, EPA must review and make determinations for certain CBI claims. Specifically, TSCA section 14(g)(1) requires that EPA, within 90 days of receipt of the claim:

(*) Review and make determinations on CBI claims for chemical identity after the chemical substance has been offered for commercial distribution; and 

(*) Review and make determinations on a representative subset of at least 25% of other CBI claims that are not exempt from substantiation and review. 

SOURCE: US EPA Newsletter (8.2.2021)


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