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Canada | The Draft Screening Assessment for Select Hydrocarbon-based Substances was published

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These substances were identified for action under the Chemicals Management Plan (CMP).

Summary of publications
Substance groupCAS RNTable 1 footnoteaSimplified or common nameDSL nameDraft screening assessmentProposed conclusion on section 64 criteriaFollow-up activities
Select hydrocarbon-based substances64742-16-1Petroleum resinsPetroleum resinsHTMLDoes not meetNone planned at this time
68131-77-1Table 1 footnotebHydrocarbon resinDistillates (petroleum), steam-cracked, polymd.
68410-13-9Polymerized C5-12 distillatesDistillates (petroleum), steam-cracked, C5-12 fraction, polymd.
67891-82-1Oxidized hydrocarbon waxes with EAHydrocarbon waxes (petroleum), oxidized, compds. with ethanolamine
97862-84-5Oxidized hydrocarbon waxes with 2-MAEHydrocarbon waxes (petroleum), oxidized, compds. with 2-(methylamino)ethanol
68425-94-5Alkylated naphthalene sulfonate sodium salt polymers with formaldehydeResidues (petroleum), catalytic reformer fractionator, sulfonated, polymers with formaldehyde, sodium salts
68526-82-9Heavy oxo endsAlkenes, C6-10, hydroformylation products, high-boiling
68815-10-1Sulfurized petroleumPetroleum, sulfurized

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