• January 16, 2018
  • WTO

Senegal draft standard | Stock for direct use in cooking or as seasoning

The notified draft Standard applies to stock for direct use in cooking or as seasoning. Stock for seasoning is prepared using sodium chloride, protein-rich substances or the extracts thereof and/or hydrolysates, or plant-based substances with or without flavour enhancers, flavouring substances, edible fat, spices and the natural extracts or distillates thereof, and any other foodstuffs intended to improve flavour, as well as authorized food additives. Stock that is manufactured and/or marketed as defined in Chapter 3 of the draft Standard must comply with the follow quality parameters: Characteristics Accepted level Water content (solids only) 5% m/m (max.) Total amount of nitrogen 100 mg/kg (min) sodium chloride 55% m/m (max.)


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