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The Challenges of PFAS | Group of Synthetic Chemicals Complicates Product Stewards’ Efforts to Plan Ahead

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A class of synthetic chemicals known as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) has made headlines in recent years, turning their nickname “forever chemicals,” which refers to PFAS’ long-term residency in humans and the environment, into a household name. The widespread production and use of PFAS in consumer products and across industries is noteworthy due to the substances’ persistence in the environment and their potential to cause adverse health effects. Regulators around the globe are working with increasing speed to address PFAS. This increased attention from the public and regulatory bodies alike has drawn to the forefront an issue that product stewards have been tackling for years: how can they help companies manage regulatory requirements and risks related to PFAS?

The Synergist spoke with two product stewards in July to explore how professionals in this field are dealing with the challenges presented by PFAS. These experts currently work at 3E, a company that helps clients manage global regulatory compliance and product stewardship risk: Tara Jacola is senior director of regulatory consulting, and Miriam Schoepel, PhD, is 3E’s senior chemical regulatory compliance consultant for Europe.



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