ANSES is publishing the results of the Pesti’home study on the use of pesticides in the home

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Pesticides cover a wide range of products used to control organisms that are considered as harmful: fungi, insects, mites, rodents, weeds, and so on.

The Pesti’home study covers the products available to the public: pesticides used to protect indoor and outdoor plants, biocides used in the home to control insects, rodents, parasites or wood root, and anti-parasite treatments used on both humans and animals to kill lice, fleas, ticks, etc.

Conducted in metropolitan France in 2014, the study involved a representative sample of households around the country. In all, 1,507 households took part in the study, which was based on a questionnaire and an inventory of products stored in the home.

75% of households had used a pesticide at least once during the previous year

The Pesti’home study showed that pesticides are widely used in the home: 75% of households had used at least one pesticide in the 12 months preceding the study.



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