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China published 8 cosmetic relevant group standards

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On 28th Jun, China Association of Fragrance Flavour and Cosmetic Industries (CAFFCI) published 8 new group standards relevant to cosmetics.

These group standards are:
1. T/CAFFCI 52-2022 Liquidambar formosana oil
2. T/CAFFCI 53-2022 Schisandra oil
3. T/CAFFCI 54-2022 Linalool compound spice
4. T/CAFFCI 55-2022 Tetrahydrogeraniol compound spice
5. T/CAFFCI 56-2022 Ionone compound spice
6. T/CAFFCI 57-2022 Citral compound spice
7. T/CAFFCI 58-2022 Methyldihydrojasmonate compound spice
8. T/CAFFCI 59-2022 Citronella compound spice

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