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EFSA | 9th Working Group meeting on FOLLOW-UP TOX | 05 December 2023 | Minutes

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The Scientific Panel on Food Additives and Flavourings (FAF) concluded its 9th Working Group meeting on Follow-up Toxicology (Tox) held on 5th December 2023. 

Among other topics, the group discussed an opinion on the re‐evaluation of silicon dioxide (E 551) as food additive in foods for infants below 16 weeks of age and follow‐up of their re‐evaluation as food additive for uses in foods for all population groups.

Information were provided regarding the in vitro testing programme to generate additional data for the ongoing risk assessment of synthetic amorphous silica (SAS) as an ingredient in cosmetics products by the Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS). More details are expected to be shared by the end of February.

The WG discussed the ADME (absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion) studies, including the nanoscale considerations. The repeated dose studies were also assessed. Moreover, discussions on the reliability of the studies took place.

LINK TO THE Minutes of the 9th Working Group meeting on FOLLOW-UP TOX

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