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  • June 7, 2023
  • WHO

Launch of consultative process towards Research for Action on Climate Change and Health (REACH) 2035 Agenda: Research for Action on Climate Change and Health

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Climate change is one of the defining health challenges of the 21st century. A deep body of evidence underlies the scientific consensus, highlighted prominently in the IPCC’s Sixth Assessment Report, that human health and well-being are profoundly harmed by climate change. Promoting and protecting health in the face of growing climate impacts is thus a priority for the global health community.

Research on the health impacts of climate change has accelerated over the past decade. Yet, gaps in the evidence and a lack of applied research hinders the knowledge base needed to implement effective solutions – in the health, climate, energy, and other sectors – that can mutually advance climate change and global health goals.

REACH 2035 will serve as a global roadmap for those who lead and fund research: guiding research towards high priority, actionable questions; aligning research with the needs of communities and decision makers; and supporting the translation of evidence into policy and practice at all levels.


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