Three requests for authorisation are open for comments

The European Chemicals Agency has published three requests for authorising the use of substances of very high concern that are subject to REACH Authorisation (REACH Annex XIV):

(*) Use of sodium dichromate as corrosion inhibitor in ammonia absorption deep cooling systems, applied for the dewaxing and deoiling process steps of petroleum raffinate.

(*) Use of dyglime as a solvent for the synthesis of the anti-HIV active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) dapivirine.

(*) Industrial use of DBP in the manufacture of ceramic sheets for the production of multi-layer ceramic capacitors.

It is possible to submit comments until the 11th of April 2018.

Click on them to access their world regulatory map and to monitor their status (Chemycal PRO subscription required).

Link to ECHA Applications for Authorisations


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