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  • January 27, 2024
  • WTO

United Kingdom | New MRLs for azoxystrobin amending the GB MRL Statutory Register

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Title of document
New GB MRLs for azoxystrobin amending the GB MRL Statutory Register

Azoxystrobin is an approved active substance in Great Britain. An application was received by the Health and Safety Executive to set new MRLs for celeries and rhubarbs. Following assessment, new MRLs have been introduced to accommodate the authorisations of plant protection products in Great Britain. The Evaluation Report/Reasoned Opinion supporting the new MRLs is available at the following link. A complete list of the new MRLs is available within this document, see page 5: New MRLs ( residue levels arising in food from the notified uses result in consumer exposures below the toxicological reference values and therefore harmful effects on human health are not expected. As the residue levels exceed the current MRLs in force, new MRLs are being adopted.  

Notifying member: United Kingdom


Objective tag
Food safety (SPS)



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  • Distribution: 26/01/2024
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