Industry recommendations on Roadmap on Modernising EU's Battery Legislation | Inception Impact Assessment

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Batteries are key enablers of the European Green Deal ambition for achieving a climate-neutral economy by 2050, and particularly the mobility and clean energy sectors’ transformation.

Europe’s non-ferrous metals industry is the key supplier and recycler of metals for portable, automotive and industrial batteries. The World Bank in 2017 projected that 1000% more metals will be needed for batteries on a global scale. Our industry has a capacity to meet those growing demands provided that an international level playing field and coherent EU regulatory framework are complementing our leading sustainability standards and high circularity.

The EU is modernising its battery legislation at an important time, after adopting the Strategic Action Plan on Batteries and announcing the success of the EU Battery Alliance. This process will not only need to address the developments of the battery sector since the 2006 Batteries Directive, but it will also need to embrace the ambition of EU Green Deal and Circular Economy Action Plan to support conditions for a competitive, circular and sustainable EU batteries value chain.

Link to the Roadmap on Modernising EU's Battery Legislation | Inception Impact Assessment


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