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  • December 2, 2022
  • EFSA

EFSA | Phthalates and other plasticisers: Plan to guide EFSA assessment

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EFSA published its scientific protocol for the hazard assessment of plasticiser substances used in food contact materials (FCMs), setting out the principles for how the work will be carried out.

The protocol marks the latest step in our preparatory work for re-evaluating the health risks from plasticisers used in different types of FCMs (e.g. plastics, rubber and inks) across the food chain (e.g. food processing equipment and packaging).

Such plasticisers include phthalates, structurally similar substances, and substances used to replace phthalates in FCMs.

The protocol, which was finalised using input from a public consultation, transparently details the approach our scientists will use to retrieve and select data as well as to appraise and integrate evidence for the hazard assessments.

Our scientists will use the outcome of these hazard assessments in their subsequent risk assessments of substances that have been prioritised, taking into account updated exposure estimates (including dietary exposure, overall exposure and contribution to exposure from FCMs).



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