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California | Proposed Priority Product: Nail Products Containing Toluene

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On November 14, 2022, the Office of Administrative Law approved DTSC’s proposal to list as a Priority Product. The scope of this regulation includes nail coatings and nail polish thinners. The regulation also establishes an Alternatives Analysis Threshold (AAT) for toluene in nail products of 100 parts per million (ppm). Upcoming, DTSC will issue a 15-day notice to adopt requirements outlining the method performance criteria for analytical lab testing that must be met for manufacturers to demonstrate compliance with the AAT Notification requirements.

The regulation will become effective on January 1, 2023. All manufacturers of toluene-containing nail products available for sale in California must submit a Priority Product Notification by March 2, 2023. To view the rulemaking-related documents and submit a Priority Product Notification please visit CalSAFER:

SOURCE: Department of Toxic Substances Control Newsletter (20.12.2022)

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