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Department of Ecology | N-ISOPROPYL-N’-PHENYL-P-PHENYLENEDIAMINE (IPPD) (CAS #101-72-4) Greenscreen® For Safer Chemicals (Greenscreen®) Assessment

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Executive Summary: N-Isopropyl-N’-phenyl-p-phenylenediamine (IPPD) is used as an antioxidant and stabilizer and is used to counteract the degradation of rubber. It is manufactured by the reaction of p-chloronitrobenzene with aniline to yield p-nitrodiphenylamine, which is reductively alkylated with acetone over a nickel/chromium catalyst. IPPD is a solid at room temperature. Its vapor pressure and boiling point indicate it may volatilize. It has low water solubility, and its log Kow indicates it is not expected to bioaccumulate.

IPPD was assigned a GreenScreenBenchmark™ Score of 1 (“Avoid – Chemical of High Concern”).


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