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  • October 19, 2022
  • CEH

New Testing Shows High Levels of BPA in Sports Bras and Athletic Shirts

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OAKLAND, Calif., — Today, the Center for Environmental Health (CEH) sent legal notices to 8 brands of sports bras and 6 brands of athletic shirts after testing shows the clothing could expose individuals to up to 22 times the safe limit of the chemical bisphenol A (BPA), according to California law.

The sports bra brands include Athleta, PINK, Asics, The North Face, Brooks, All in Motion, Nike, and FILA. The activewear shirt brands include The North Face, Brooks, Mizuno, Athleta, New Balance, and Reebok.

BPA, a well-studied hormone disrupting chemical, mimics estrogen and can disrupt the normal functioning of the body, including metabolism, growth and development, and reproduction.


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