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German Environmental Advocacy Groups Challenge EU Commission's Glyphosate Extension in Court

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At the close of the preceding year, the EU Commission granted a ten-year extension for the use of the contentious herbicide glyphosate. The Aurelia Foundation and German Environmental Aid are now seeking legal recourse.

Specializing in environmental protection, the Aurelia Foundation and the German Environmental Aid (DUH) have initiated legal proceedings against the EU Commission's decision to renew approval for the controversial weed killer glyphosate.

As per the announcement by the Aurelia Foundation, the organizations submitted a request to the EU Commission on Wednesday evening to rescind the approval for glyphosate. Subsequently, they plan to file a lawsuit in the EU court in Luxembourg challenging the renewal of approval.

In mid-December, the EU Commission independently decided to permit the use of the herbicide in the EU for an additional decade, as there was insufficient consensus among representatives of EU states in the committee regarding further deployment. The decision has sparked controversy, particularly concerning the potential carcinogenicity of glyphosate and its environmental hazards.



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