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A screening assessment on butanone oxime was published in 2010 as part of Batch 7 of the Challenge under the Chemicals Management Plan. In that screening assessment, butanone oxime was identified as a potential concern to human health based on a comparison of levels to which Canadians may be exposed to butanone oxime and levels associated with health effects. The primary identified exposure to butanone oxime was from the inhalation of indoor air during and immediately following the application of interior alkyd paints and coating products available to consumers, while important identified health effects in animal studies included potential carcinogenicity, adverse effects on organs, and adverse effects on nose tissue.

The risk management objective to protect human health for butanone oxime was to minimize human exposure to the extent practicable. As inhalation of consumer interior alkyd paint and coating products is the primary source of general population exposure, the Government took action to reduce exposure to butanone oxime by publishing a Code of Practice for 2-Butanone, oxime (Butanone oxime) Associated with the Interior Application of Consumer Alkyd Paint and Coating Products. The Government also added butanone oxime to Schedule 1 of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999.



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