EU Elections 2019 - Vote for an Endocrine-Disrupting-Chemicals-Free future

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As European citizens, we have the power to shape the policies that affect many aspects of our daily lives. We are voting in the European elections on 23-26 May 2019. Will you join us and make your voice heard?   

Your vote in the European election influences how the European Parliament decides on matters that affect your daily life. The EU Parliament makes big decisions: how to curb the use of toxic pesticides, how to make sure the cosmetics we use are safe, how to make the packaging our food is wrapped in does not damage health, how to promote a toxic-free circular economy.

Most importantly, the European Parliament can make decisions that protect our health and the environment from harmful endocrine disrupting chemicals. A telling example of this is the decision adopted by the European Parliament to call for stronger rules against endocrine disruptors just last month. When you vote in May, you choose who will shape these decisions.



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