EU exported almost 830 000 tonnes of PIC chemicals in 2017

ECHA’s report on the exports and imports that took place in 2017 under the Prior Informed Consent (PIC) Regulation shows ethylene dichloride as the most exported and benzene as the most imported PIC chemicals.

The latest report on exports and imports under PIC lists ethylene dichloride as the EU’s most exported chemical in 2017. This was also the case in the previous report, however the amounts exported were 20 000 tonnes lower than in 2016. Ethylene dichloride is mainly used to produce vinyl chloride, which is used to make PVC.

More than 230 000 tonnes of benzene were imported into the EU in 2017, making it the most imported chemical that year. The majority was imported to Belgium, Italy and Poland. Benzene is predominantly used to make plastics, resins, synthetic fibres, rubber lubricants, dyes, detergents, drugs and pesticides.

Three most exported PIC chemicals: 1,2-dichloroethane ,  benzene , chlorate.

Three most imported PIC chemicals: benzene1,2-dichloroethane,  Creosote and cresote substances



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