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  • June 2, 2023
  • WTO

Chinese Taipei | Proposal for Amendments to the Legal Inspection Requirements of Toys

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The Bureau of Standards, Metrology, and Inspection (BSMI), under the Ministry of Economic Affairs, is proposing amendments to the legal inspection requirements for toys. The proposed changes are intended to enhance the safety of toys and ensure compliance with updated standards.

Background: The BSMI aims to adopt the updated version of CNS and ISO 8124-1:2022 as inspection standards, specifically focusing on flying toys. By implementing these updated standards, the BSMI seeks to improve the safety measures associated with toys.

Changes Proposed: The BSMI is suggesting the removal of two categories of toys, namely Stuffed toys and Blocks, from the list of products subject to Monitoring Inspection (MI) or Registration of Product Certification (RPC). These products are considered to have low risk and will instead undergo the conformity assessment procedure of Declaration of Conformity (DOC). The DOC procedure requires testing at designated laboratories and the issuance of a declaration of conformity to confirm compliance with the relevant inspection standards.

The proposed date for the implementation of these amendments is January 1, 2024.

Products Covered and Inspection Standards: The following commodities fall under the scope of the proposed amendments:

  1. Toys for children under 14 years old, as specified in CNS 4797, and other related items.
  2. Flying toys only, in accordance with ISO 8124-1:2022.

Conformity Assessment Procedures: The conformity assessment procedures will remain the same, with options for MI, RPC, or DOC.

Monitoring Inspection (MI):

  • A batch-by-batch inspection scheme that builds confidence over time.
  • Application for inspection can be made upon arrival of the commodities or before domestically-manufactured commodities are shipped out.
  • Monitoring Inspection fees amount to 0.25% of CIF per batch.

Registration of Product Certification (RPC):

  • Manufacturers or importers must have their products type-tested by the BSMI or designated testing laboratories.
  • Products meeting the requirements can obtain the Commodity Inspection Mark with the letter "R" and an identification number.
  • RPC application fee: NT$5,000; annual fee: NT$200 per type of product; RPC certificate valid for three years.

Declaration of Conformity (DOC):

  • Manufacturers or importers apply for registration, receiving a registration number to affix to the products.
  • Relevant technical documents must be prepared to demonstrate conformity.
  • Testing conducted by the BSMI or designated testing laboratories.
  • The obligated person shall keep the declaration of conformity and relevant technical documents for 5 years.

Additional Requirements:

  • Toys specified in the amendments must comply with the "Directions Governing the Inspection of Toy Commodities."
  • The latest version of the inspection standards applies, with implementation dates published in subsequent announcements by the BSMI.
  • CCCN Codes listed are for reference purposes and may differ from those used by the Customs Administration or Bureau of Foreign Trade.

These proposed amendments aim to strengthen toy safety regulations, ensuring that toys entering the market adhere to updated standards and undergo appropriate inspections and assessments.

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  • Distribution: 31/05/2023
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