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Partnership set to tackle microplastics in additives

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Biopolymer specialist Teysha Technologies has partnered with a major North American multinational additives manufacturer to begin joint testing and optimisation on a range of Teysha’s materials with a focus on developing alternatives to petroleum-based microplastics. The agreement will see the company begin application testing of Teysha Technologies’ second generation natural environmentally friendly biopolymers “AggiePol” and newly developed polymer lines.

Although some details of the agreement must remain undisclosed for commercial reasons, Teysha Technologies will work with the North American additives manufacturer on the potential to replace microplastics in a wide variety of real-world applications such as dyes, paints, inks, exfoliants, emulsions, waxes, lubricants, coatings and glosses among others. This will also tie in with Teysha’s continuing work with global cosmetics customers to develop sustainable replacements for microplastics in their product lines.



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