ASTM International Launches New Rubber Sustainability Group to work on recycling, devulcanization, biodegradation and micro-rubber

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According to Timothy Morris, chair of ASTM’s rubber committee (D11), the new group will develop standardized terms, test methods, specifications, practices, and classifications that support sustainability of rubber, rubber products, systems, and services. Topics will include rubber recycling, devulcanization of rubber, and biodegradation of rubber and micro-rubber. 

In addition to developing new standards, some existing ASTM International rubber standards will be transferred from other subcommittees to the new sustainability subcommittee:

(*) Classification for Rubber Compounding Materials-Recycled Vulcanizate Rubber (D5603);

(*) Test Method for Rubber Compounding Materials-Determination of Particle Size Distribution of Recycled Vulcanizate Particulate Rubber (D5644);

(*) Test Method for Determination of Percent Devulcanization of Crumb Rubber Based on Crosslink Density (D6814) and, 

(*) Practice for Rubber Compounding Materials—Evaluation of Recycled Vulcanizate Particulate Rubber (D8268).

This effort directly relates to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #12 on responsible production and consumption. 



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