Taranto, Italy | The combination of lead and arsenic has deleterious effects on the IQ of children living close to the former Ilva

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"The synergistic interaction between lead and arsenic causes even more marked effects on various neurodevelopmental functions in children than those that can be identified with the 'traditional' analysis which considers the individual toxic elements separately". Roberto Lucchini is a professor of Occupational Medicine. He divides his time between Brescia and Miami's Florida International University , where he teaches. The phone answers from Brasilia. There was recently the Ambiente Svenduto ruling : in the first instance the Court of Assizes established that the one caused by the private management of the Riva family between 1995 and 2012 it was an environmental disaster . Now the eyes are on the Council of State which in days should rule on the hot air shutdown order issued by the Municipality of Taranto and which instead captures the environmental and health emergency from 2012 to today.

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