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ANSES | Evaluation of biomarkers of exposure and recommendation for biological limit values and biological reference values for trichloroethylene

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This document summarises the work of the Expert Committee on « Health reference values » and the Working Group on biomarkers (Biomarkers WG). Presentation of the issue On 12 June 2007, AFSSET, which became ANSES in July 2010, was asked by the Directorate General for Labour to carry out the necessary assessment for setting occupational exposure limits for trichloroethylene (TCE). France currently has an indicative 8-hour occupational exposure limit of 405 mg.m-3 (75 ppm) and an indicative short-term exposure limit of 1080 mg.m-3 (200 ppm) (Circular1 of 1983). The Directorate General for Labour requested that ANSES re-assess these values and, if necessary, propose new occupational exposure limits based on health considerations.



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