Protein-rich alternatives to meat for a sustainable future

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Researchers have developed tasty plant-based foods and drinks that are both healthy and more environmentally friendly. Could they convince people to eat less meat?

Our growing appetite for meat is not only harming our health, it’s also harming the planet. Meat production is currently responsible for around 15 % of all man-made greenhouse gas emissions. As the world’s population grows, our rate of meat consumption will no longer be sustainable.

The increasing world population needs high-quality protein-rich food sources whose production will focus on human health, environmental sustainability and increased biodiversity. To address these challenges, the EU-funded project PROTEIN2FOOD is developing high-quality foods from protein-rich seed crops and grain legumes. Developed using optimised, sustainable production and processing methods, these non-meat–based sources of protein are both nutritious and kinder to the environment.



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