Risk Reduction Potential of REACH Authorization ~ Chromium Trioxide

An important objective of authorization in the REACH Regulation (EC / 1907/2006) 1 is to encourage substances of high concern (SVHCs) to be replaced by less hazardous alternatives, and to reduce risks as long as SVHCs are still used. The group of Applications for Authorizations (AfAs) for the use of chromium trioxide (CrO 3 , a Carc 1A substance) in chrome plating is now being discussed union-wide and a Major part of these assessments and the opinions of the Risk Assessment Committee (RAC) of ECHA are now available in the public domain. This allows a comparison to be made, and the reported status to be considered in alternative and risk reduction strategies. It also provides a good view on the potential of REACH authorization to reach its objectives. CONTINUE READING ON www.baua.de (Automatically translated from German)

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