Popular New Cosmetic Concepts in South Korea

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D.I.Y. cosmetics, probiotic cosmetics and ice beauty skin care products are popular in South Korea recently.

In an era when personalization and customization are increasingly sought after by consumers, DIY cosmetics has attracted the attention of many consumers and are performing extremely well in South Korea. These products are usually made using freeze-drying techniques and separate packaging in which the active ingredients are packaged separately from the essence. Compared with traditional cosmetics, DIY cosmetics enables consumers to participate in the process of integrating products and offers a unique and immersive experience.

According to BeautyNury, FOASU launched "Peptide Blue Clould Serum" at the end of 2018. The active ingredients were packaged separately from the essence. Applying the frozen and dried peptide ingredients to the skin and then blending them with the essence maximizes the stability of the product and is also conducive to the preservation of active ingredients.

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