Singapore | Sustainability and the Environment, at the G20 Environment Ministers Meeting on 16 September 2020

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1. I thank the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as the G20 Presidency for hosting the G20 Environment Ministers Meeting. The Presidency has demonstrated great leadership in bringing countries together, especially during this difficult time amidst a global pandemic, to ensure that we are all still able to engage in discussions. Singapore is honoured to contribute to this important endeavour.

2. Singapore commends the impressive work of the G20 on Combatting Land Degradation and Habitat Loss and Improving Coral Reef Resilience and Conservation. As an international community, it is important that we work together to identify sustainable solutions to address these issues, particularly in light of the challenges brought upon by climate change, in order to prepare for a carbon and resource-constrained future. Singapore identifies strongly with the principles of sustainability—as reflected in the recent renaming of our Ministry to the Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment.



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