‘Green Deal diplomacy’: the risks of trading with Trump

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A trade deal with the United States threatens to open the floodgates for harmful industrial agriculture products coming to the EU. Yet Trade Commissioner Phil Hogan hopes that giving ground to Donald Trump here could help to protect the European car industry from the threat of extra tariffs.

Concerned citizens and environmental groups say protecting public health, animal welfare and the climate and environment must come first.

In response to recent talks between the EU and US, over 100 civil society organisations, including the EEB, have signed a letter to EU leaders and national parliamentarians, objecting to the fact that Hogan lacks a clear mandate.

The letter highlights the negative implications for consumers, human health, animal welfare and climate change of the ideas being floated by the Trade Commissioner. 

Hogan has said he would leverage trade negotiations to advance sustainability practices, and yet he appears to be doing the exact opposite of “Green Deal diplomacy”.



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