ECHA Deadlines for updating registration dossiers clarified

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The REACH Regulation requires companies to update their registrations on their own initiative ‘without undue delay’ when their chemicals data, tonnage band or company information changes.

The meaning of ‘without undue delay’ has been clarified together with explanations of the starting points for each deadline in the implementing regulation published today.

(*) A deadline of three months applies for administrative updates, such as a change in a registrant’s status or identity.
(*) A deadline of six, nine or 12 months applies for more complex updates, for example when the classification and labelling of a substance without a harmonised classification changes, or there are changes in the chemical safety report or guidance on safe use.
(*) When there are multiple reasons for updating a registration, only one submission is required and the longest deadline applies.
(*) A deadline of three months applies to inform that the manufacture or import of a substance has ceased.



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