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HEAL urges European Commission to reconsider decision on Lithium Salts hazard classification

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Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL) urges European Commission to reconsider the decision to take Lithium Salts off the 21st adaptation to technical progress (ATP) amending the CLP regulation. The European Commission announced during the CARACAL 48 meeting that the proposal regarding the hazard classification of Lithium Salts was taken off the draft 21st ATP and would be resubmitted to the ECHA Risk Assessment Committee (RAC) for reassessment following the receipt of new evidence from industry stakeholders. However, HEAL and several Member States argued that the new evidence was not new and did not question the existing evidence base in support of the proposed classification. The ECHA RAC had already agreed by consensus that the compounds meet the scientific criteria for a hazard classification as toxic to reproduction, category 1A. HEAL expressed concerns about the delay in informing workers about the harmful properties of the compounds and the EU's management of scarce resources. Therefore, HEAL urges the European Commission to support the existing RAC's proposal for the hazard classification of Lithium Salts by bringing them back into the 21st CLP ATP as soon as possible.

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