The Chemical Inspectorate proposes a limitation for medium chain chlorinated paraffins in electronics

The Chemical Inspectorate proposes that medium chain chlorinated paraffins (MCCPs) be restricted in electrical and electronic equipment. Medium-chain chlorinated paraffins are classified as hazardous to the environment, and some of the substances appear to meet the criteria for persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic.

"We are worried about the impact on the environment from medium-chain chlorinated paraffins. The subject group is classified as very toxic to aquatic organisms, both acute and chronic. We now propose that levels of 0.1% of the substances be prohibited in electrical and electronic equipment, "says Johanna Löfbom, investigator at the Chemicals Inspectorate.

The Chemicals Inspectorate has submitted a proposal to the EU Commission to impose a limitation on medium-term chlorinated paraffins in the EU RoHS Directive . The regulatory framework aims at reducing the risks to human health and the environment by replacing and limiting hazardous chemical substances in electrical and electronic equipment.

"This means that Sweden is the first member state in the EU to use the procedure to restrict new substances to the RoHS directive," says Johanna Löfbom.

Medium-chain chlorinated paraffins are used as plasticizers and flame retardants in, among other things, electronics, mainly in PVC plastic wires in electrical and electronic equipment. The subject group can exist, for example, in network cords, and in cables for televisions and home appliances. 

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