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Empowering the Textile Industry: Guidance to Combat Microfibre Pollution | ZDHC Roadmap

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The Microfibre Consortium and the ZDHC Roadmap to Zero Programme have collaborated to release guidance aimed at addressing microfibre loss in the textile industry, a significant environmental concern. This guidance is designed to empower various stakeholders in the industry to combat microfibre pollution.

Key features of the action plan include raising awareness, reducing the formation of microfibres, and minimizing emissions in wastewater effluents. According to Janne Koopmans, Head of Collaboration with ZDHC, these actions offer immediate environmental benefits and can be implemented without delay. Dr. Kelly Sheridan, Research Director of The Microfibre Consortium, emphasizes the need for collective action to mitigate microfibre pollution.

The full guidance is available on The Microfibre Consortium and ZDHC websites. 



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