ECHA | Working on the world’s broadest restriction of intentional uses of microplastics

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ECHA’s proposal to restrict intentionally-added microplastics is the most comprehensive restriction initiative in the world for reducing emissions from intentional uses of microplastics. Following an extensive consultation in 2019, the Agency has updated its proposal while remaining independent and following a transparent and evidence-based scientific approach.

Despite claims made by certain NGOs, the updated proposal has assessed the information made available to us by all stakeholders, including NGOs, in a scientific manner. All modifications that have been made are based on solid arguments and evidence received during a six-month consultation of stakeholders, which ran from March to September 2019. Comments came from 477 individual stakeholders, including industry, NGOs, local communities and sports associations. These comments were assessed and published on our website with responses, and the changes proposed by ECHA are detailed in the draft background document.



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