Pharmaceutical laboratories accelerate in race against coronavirus: 20 vaccines already in development

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The global pharmaceutical industry is advancing, together with public research centers, in a possible therapeutic response to the coronavirus pandemic that is plaguing the world. Although there is currently no effective treatment against the virus, there are already numerous drugs under development and vaccines under investigation to cope with the disease COVID-19 , just three months after the first data on this new product was known. coronavirus, SARS-CoV2.

Currently, according to the data collected to date by the International Federation of the Pharmaceutical Industry (Ifpma) - which represents research-based pharmaceutical companies and associations around the world and to which the Spanish employer Farmaindustria belongs - there are already up to 20 vaccines in worldwide development against coronavirus. In addition, according to Ifpma - which collects data from the other two major federations of the pharmaceutical industry worldwide, the European Efpia , the American Phrma, and the Association of the Korean Pharmaceutical Industry (Krpia) - the laboratories have identified up to thirty potential drugs, of which 14 are in the initial research phase; another four are in phase I development and three are in phase II, and one has begun phase III trials, the last before approval

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