EuRIC Factsheet - LCA Tyre Recycling Environmental Benefits

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Each year and all over the world, the total amount of driving in motorised vehicles increases. Tyres are an essential element for the safety and mobility of cars. Considering the variety of materials used for the manufacture of tyres, proper treatment or disposal is all-important for the sound management of end-of-life (ELT) tyres.

Globally, there are today three main ELT management routes, ranging from the lowest ranking on the waste hierarchy and upwards: landfill at waste deposits, incineration in e.g. cement works or material recycling into steel and rubber; – the latter e.g. to be used for artificial turf pitches.

Landfill disposal is prohibited in the EU – yet still very common elsewhere on the planet. Where tyre piles constitute a fire hazard – and cause health problems, as puddles in these large tyre piles are perfect breeding grounds for malaria mosquitoes. Moreover, all the valuable raw materials of these tyres are simply wasted instead of being recycled

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