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  • November 24, 2022
  • WTO

Singapore | Resource Sustainability (Amendment) Bill introducing a beverage container return scheme

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Title of document
Resource Sustainability (Amendment) Bill

The Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment and the National Environment Agency will be introducing a beverage container return scheme (otherwise commonly known as a Deposit Refund Scheme, Container Deposit Scheme or Bottle Bill) for Singapore. Under the scheme, a small deposit will be applied to certain beverage containers when consumers buy a pre-packaged beverage. Consumers can then claim a deposit refund by returning their empty beverage container to a designated return point. The beverage producers (i.e., importers, manufacturers) will pay for and/or run the scheme for the collection and recycling of the returned empty beverage containers. To help consumers identify containers covered under the Scheme, beverage containers must be labelled with a deposit mark. Otherwise, refunds could be wrongly claimed on beverage containers where a deposit was not paid in the first place, such as those bought overseas. The deposit mark will also facilitate the return of containers at manual return point locations.

Notifying member: Singapore


Objective tag
Protection of the environment (TBT)


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  • Reception: N/A
  • Distribution: 23/11/2022
  • Final date for comments: N/A
  • Proposed date of adoption: N/A


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