ECHA | Calls for comments and evidence for PVC and PVC additives | Deadline for providing input 06 January 2023

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Calls for comments and evidence allow interested parties to signal their interest and express their views and concerns in the preparatory phase of the restriction proposal. They also let interested parties comment on the different documents under preparation in ECHA in relation to restrictions, such as reports on substances in articles and guidelines on restriction entries.

Additional information to justify or support comments made is also welcomed. The information gathered will provide an input into developing Annex XV restriction dossiers or other documents. When we open a call for comments and evidence, we intend to give parties who otherwise might not have been identified and consulted a chance to submit information.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and PVC additives--02/11/202206/01/2023Call for evidence on ECHA's investigation report on PVC and its additives
Link to the Calls for comments and evidence

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